Topsoil vs Gardening Soil

Topsoil versus Gardening Soil – It is important to use the proper types of soil in your yard and garden. The differences between garden soil and topsoil are sometimes confusing, but very important.

Gardening soil is often a premix of several different types of soils combined with sand, silt, clay and sometimes fertilizers and organic materials to give it a unique texture that blends with other soils. These mixtures can be customized specifically for flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and herb gardens.

Topsoil is the top layer of soil on the surface of the earth and is usually five to 12 inches deep. Not recommended for gardening because it retains moisture, topsoil can easily rot the more tender roots of delicate flowers, vegetables, and herbs, especially after heavy rainfall. On the other hand, topsoil is an all-purpose dirt that has a naturally loamy texture, heavy in clay, silt, and sand but low in fertilizer and organic materials. It is easy to till and imperative to the early establishment of sod, and in maintaining a grassy lawn and landscape.

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